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    3 tips that will help you pick the perfect exterior paint for your home. Serving the exterior house painting needs of Freehold, Marlboro, Manalapan and surrounding areas.

    You’re thinking of painting the exterior walls of your home. A big, blank canvas, that is also quite daunting. You know it takes time, costs money and requires effort, so the last thing you want is the ugliest house on the block. Exterior painters with tons of experience in house painting understand your predicament, as it’s an all too common one. Here are three tips from CertaPro Painters of Central New Jersey to help put you on the right track.

    Light – one of the biggest considerations you need to look at is the light. The changing seasons, the weather and the daily motions of the sun are all factors which can change the appearance of color; just think, how does your home look on an overcast day with spotty rain, compared to a glorious summer day? Using small samplers of paint on your exterior walls can help you visualize what color ideas work, and which ones do not.

    Neutral – colors such as beige, gray and taupe have long been popular in external home decoration. Understated and elegant, their neutralizing properties also extend to the weather (just don’t ask them to tame it!). If you’re looking for a brighter color for your home, consider sampling these neutral colors next to a color of your choice so you can see how the colors interact at various times of the day.

    Compare – the perfect paint job often arises as a result of thorough research. In this case, it’s all about getting as many colors as close to the color you really want along with any secondary colors in order to determine which work and which don’t. You’ll find this process will help you move closer to what you’re really looking for, while discarding the terrible choices that looked good on paper, but for whatever reason, don’t fit in with the light or your house at all.

    You can’t change how the light will interact with your paint, but you can control how your paint interacts with the light by choosing the best colors; samplers are a cheap, efficient way to ensure that you’re on the right path. Exterior painters use this technique all the time. If you’ve found your perfect color combination and are looking for exterior painters to carry out your house painting, give CertaPro Painters of Central New Jersey a call for a free, no-obligations consultation today.

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